Forlì Campus

About the Campus.

The School of Political Science was created in 2012 by merging the Faculty of Political Sciences located in Bologna – now the Bologna campus of the School - and the Faculty of Political Sciences Roberto Ruffilli located in Forlì,  which is now the Forlì campus of the School.

The Forlì campus has  an excellent reputation in the field of international relations, taught at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. The two other two-years programmes (master level) taught in Forlì are an international programme entirely taught in English focused on Eastern Europe politics and external relations and a programme focused on the impact of mass media in the conduct of politics. 

Students interested in sociological matters can find a three-years programme (bachelor level)  in sociology and an advanced programme (master level) in criminology.

People at the Forlì campus are committed to emphasize the value of the relationship between students and teachers by developing  effective teaching methods.

In addition, the Forlì campus offers students high standard services, ranging from foreign languages’ laboratories to libraries, from qualified internships to opportunities for periods of study and research abroad.

Our graduates pursue careers in a wide range of areas from public institutions – local, national and international-  and NGOs to private enterprises, journalism, the media, consultancy, and academia.

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