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Why choose to study for a degree at the School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna?

Bologna is the most ancient University in the world founded more than 900 years ago in 1088.

The School of Political Sciences is a recent institution that combines a tradition of excellence with a commitment to improving teaching methods on the basis of high standards of quality assurance.

The School has 3 campuses in Bologna, Forlì and Ravenna.

The School offers five first-cycle programmes (bachelor level) three of which are taught in Bologna and two in Forlì; and ten second-cycle (Master level) programmes, five of which are taught in Bologna, four in Forlì and one in Ravenna. Of these programmes, one is an international course taught entirely in English (MIREES, Forlì campus) and two offer curricula taught entirely in English (International Relations, Bologna campus and International and Diplomatic Sciences, Forlì campus).

A range of valuable skills are built into all of our degree programmes, including theoretical analysis, research skills, foreign languages’ learning and a high level of written and verbal communication.

If you are interested in devising solutions to the most challenging problems of our times, then the School of Political Sciences has something to offer to you.

Our graduates pursue careers in a wide range of areas from public institutions and NGOs to private enterprises, journalism, the media, consultancy, and academia.

The School will give you support related to teaching, internship programmes and international mobility.

Let’s build your future together: choose one of the programmes taught at Scienze Politiche!