An international dimension to the School

School schemes to increase internationalization.


As part of its educational opportunities, every year the school fosters programmes and international agreements enabling undergraduates and graduates to attend degree programmes, take exams, participate in company internships or research programmes at the most famous universities in Europe and beyond.

Dissertations abroad

The School offers grants to undergraduates and recent graduates (i.e. within six months of graduation) to spend time abroad undertaking preparatory research for their dissertation. Such international experience is designed to enrich their learning experience.

Curricula taught in English

In line with the university’s strategy, part of the school’s promotion of internationalization consists of including in the programme catalogue course units and/or entire curricula taught in. This enables foreign students to benefit in full from lessons, and Italian students to enhance their education by studying in another language, as well as by making international contacts.

An agreement with the Bologna branch of the Johns Hopkins University

The school has formed an agreement with The Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University enabling students on specific second-cycle degree programmes (i.e. International and Diplomatic Sciences, Forlì campus and International Relations, Bologna campus) to attend courses at this branch of this prestigious American university. In some cases, students may simultaneously complete a second degree, i.e. Master of Arts in International Affairs at the Bologna Center of Johns Hopkins University that complements their studies at Bologna University.

International Degree Programmes

As part of the School programme catalogue, there is an English language international degree programme in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES) taught at the Forlì campus. This will broaden the student’s curriculum with regional studies and the promotion of analytical and linguistic skills, as well as providing (compulsory) experience of international mobility at partner universities. MIREES awards a joint degree linking the Universities of Bologna, the Kaunas Vytautas Magnus, St. Petersburg’s State University and the Corvinus in Budapest, in collaboration with the Universities of Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Marmara.

Exchange Programmes

Students of the school may take part in an international exchange programme and spend a period of time studying or researching abroad at a foreign university which has signed a collaboration agreement with Bologna University.

Opportunities for international students

International students have the opportunity of enrolling and graduating on one of the degree programmes offered by the school, or may take advantage of studying or researching on one of the many international exchange programmes. The school also provides specific welcoming and guidance services for international students.

Other opportunities at the Forlì campus

-NATO Model Event: The School of Political Sciences, in partnership with the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation HQ at Norfolk (Virginia), organizes a simulation of an international crisis scenario. Students are involved in this simulation as representatives of the member States in the NATO council.  Participation is open to the students of the University of Bologna and other Italian universities who pass a selection process.

- International exchanges: The Forlì campus has agreements with the People's Friendship University of Russia and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. After a selection process, students enrolled in the programmes Mass Media and Politics and International and Diplomatic Sciences may spend periods of study at either of these universities and obtain recognition of the credits acquired.

- Winter School: In collaboration with l’Institut International des Droits de l’Homme in Strasbourg and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the Forlì campus organizes a Winter School on the European Convention on Human Rights.

- Grants: Over the years the Forlì campus has funded student participation at international conferences, summer schools, seminars and workshops.